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Book List (The Crichton Version)

Odds On as John Lange
Scratch One as John Lange
Easy Go as John Lange
A Case of Need as Jeffery Hudson (re-released as Crichton in 1993)
Zero Cool as John Lange
The Andromeda Strain
The Venom Business as John Lange
Drug of Choice as John Lange
Dealing as Michael Douglas (with brother Douglas Crichton)
Grave Descend as John Lange
Binary as John Lange
The Terminal Man
The Great Train Robbery
Eaters of the Dead
Jurassic Park
Rising Sun
The Lost World
State of Fear
Untitled Novel to be published posthumously

ugh dentist.

I donno like, what it is, but I've noticed that when I'm at the dentist, I cant; stand things touching my tongue. Like, I literally /freak out/ and start shaking and wanting to cry and stuff. And I don't knwo why! It's SO WEIRD! Like today they did the blahblahblha form my crown, and basically all I got was the gross gooey-gaggy stuff (I always end up gagging on it and my eyes start watering and I can;t breath and it sucks. I have such a strong gag reflex it's not even funny.) and they did it on my bottom teeth and it was ALL OVERRR my tongue. And it was all..there for a login time. on my tongue. and I was, well freaking out.


8:30 dentist appointments are no fun.



"I say if Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson had a baby...that'd be me."



Day 2 = 1st day of AX! So I'm all...thrown off.

So the day started off...not wanting to wake up...of course. Who really wanted to wake up early? So yea... basically I got ready in my all normal clothes (I MEAN. I was cosplayign Rass. Don't you know Rass? Well, you /should/.)

So we got there, with the huge pink monstrosity of a bag. It kept like trying to keel over and die, and I really wouldn't have minded...but it was necessary so that Manda could be Riku while meeting Riku (Phanta Riku), so we lived with it.

So we got there and went through the registration like ZOOM. it was so fast it was AMAZINGGG IT was like a self-serve kinda thing...like you know at grocery stores? The self check out? IT WASL IKE THAT SO FAST OH MANN.

SO yea..then we had to go meet the rest of Mandas grouuup. I was so nervous!!! But they turned out to be INCREDIBLY nice. I met my soul sister. xD <333 SO that was cool

Then Mandaaa had to fill out stuffffs. And they went to sign up for the Pop Shock Masquuerade and then realized...GASP! Their CD didn't work!!! D: So we traveled back to their (AIR CONDITIONED) hotel, and Manda changed into Riku, and everyone turned into blobs before sexifyign again. So we went back to the con and back to the dealer's room, to the Cure booth and....




Riku wasn't there DDDDD:
SOOOOOOOO not cool! Especially since we're darn sure it said he would be, and we lugged around the costume all day, and Manda went through and got into it. Poo!

So Manda changed back into Shiiiinya, and we went to the Jpop 101 feat. hide or whatevs thing. I t was funny, Manda and Die knew all the answers xD BTU OF COURSE. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE CAR ONE WAS WRONG. He /obviously/ drove the BATMOBILE.

Get it right, people.

And thennnn we stayed in the room for Pop shock. I got my straightener back form Christie and Kim (they drove us there) (ps thank you for letting me borrow your straightener- I don't rememebr whos it was xD)

And tehre were....ALICE NINE COSPLAYERSSS!!! I was sop excited to see them- they werre really good. Gradation, I believe. Buutttttt. It made me sad because I Really wanted to do alice nine cosplay ;__; Oh well...I /WILL/ do friggen Hello, Dear Numbers SHOUU. (And Tsubasa, FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON.) So yea. That's when Jennu finally came so yey! <3 I found she was a tangible person- always good.

So of course they were amazing and should have just won all the awards, including the hide award and teh signel person award but WHATEVERRRRRR. They did win, so yey. :D I tried to cheer my loudest, but I fail! D:

Thennnnnnnnn it was time for Battle of the Bands. Which baffled me at first. so we followed the line...hm. It ended jsut before teh door. We could lie ksee teh front of the lien! We were gonna have really good seats!!

But then...the guy showed us teh REAL end of the line...outside...all windy and stuff. ;__;

It was a kidna long waittt, Manda fell asleeep xD And Jennu's brother stored the pink monstorcity in his car yey :D

SO finally the lien started moving, and we ended up with pretty good seats and...much to my awesome...

GaGaalign was up first! OMNG YEYYY!!!!!!

YOu don;t even know .I loveee MYM. <333 SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. ANd they were SOOOO GOOOOD <33333333333333333 I tried to be the most into it, noone on our side was really doing much, so I was standing on my tippy toes, trying to get noticed..and I think ti worked! She looekd our way several items!! Which of course made me verrryyyyyy happy! Oh, and we say the sexy bassist and guitarrist earlier and got their picture! We didn't know it was tjem! The pictures do them no justice :0

SO for the actual battle of the bands was kidna lammeeee. But still, I tried to clap for them and stuff! But I basicall yslept, followign Mandas lead. One of the bands did THe World. Which was kidna neat sicne it's all yey Nightmare ;D but of ocurse they did it for Deathntoe, whcih is still secretly yey, but IU yeyed way beforet hy did for Detahnote so foo xP

So thennnnn after that. They were playing LM.C PVs for a while....which of course got us real real real excited! Evey one was like... LM.CCCCCC The whoel time coz.,..we were basically there for them (Well , I wanted GaGaalinG too xD)

BUT YEA. SUDDENLY EVERYONE RUSHED TO THE STAGE COZ AWESOME BUNNY GUY SAID SO AND...BOOOOOOOOOM AMAZINGGG> LM.CCCCCCC SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREATTTTTTT. Like awome....We were so clsoe .THere was just like one person in front of me (me and Jennu were on Aiji's side, basically right in front of him, and Manda was on the very end, right up next to Aiji. :D ) They werre AMAZIIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGG. I mean, I liked LM.C before, yea. Other wise I wouldn't have cared. BUT THEY MADE ME LIKE. FALL IN LOVE. They have /suck/ energy! But I'll use Saturday to dedicate to LM.C, so I'll try to keep their section here short.

And aww. There was this little girl there...she looekd So young and tiny. She was trying really hard to give something to Maya, but she was SO SMALL and cute! I was gonna offer to help hold her up when he got over there, but she eventually left. D: Oh well, she got a pick, so I was happy for her. (Little kids are my weakness stfu.)

Thennn all exhausted and happyyy...we went home to our happy abode, sleeping and being all happy.



Riku's life = "delicious fruity booty"? Says Manda.








What? Friends Only? Outrage!

[beacuse I'm that cool.]

[...and I just wanted the cool sign.]

[go ahead and add me, srsly.]